Shield – Our logo is encompassed in a shield which represents our strength in learning and healthcare around the world

Textbook – Denoting learning and scholarship, the textbook is integral to our mission and purpose

Lions – The three lions symbol indicates our British heritage

Rod of Asclepius – a classic symbol of healing as wielded by the Greek God Asclepius, who was father to daughters Hygieia (the Goddess/personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation), Laso (the Goddess of recuperation from illness), Aceso (the Goddess of the healing process), Aglaea (the Goddess of the glow of good health), and Panacea (the Goddess of universal remedy).

Healing hands holding globe – This symbol signifies our intent to improve human health through the education of students from across the world

The Rose – locking the quarters together, the rose is at the heart of our logo and represents hope and joy: emotions which are integral to students as they start their educational journey and graduates when they begin their careers as healthcare professionals.

‘In manu vis medendi’ – Latin for ‘in the hands is healing’, our motto embodies our hands on approach to improving the wellbeing of the public.